Flying on water – James O’Hagan tries out the latest addition to the surfing family

It looks like a surfboard, it moves like a surfboard, but it’s not a surfboard.

It’s an electric hydrofoil or E-foil.

I visited Dubai Marine to have a go at E-foiling myself and find out what makes the activity so thrilling.

The man putting me through my paces was Daniel van Dooren, the manager of Ibiza Foils and co-founder of Surf House Dubai.

Daniel van Dooren explaining how an E-foil works

“The thing that makes it different is this hydrofoil wing on the bottom,” explained Daniel. “It’s got an aeroplane design, which basically lifts you out of the water and gives you that sensation like you’re flying.”

The E-foils are powered by an electric propeller and controlled remotely via Bluetooth.

They can reach speeds of up to 45km an hour.

James O’Hagan attempting to stay upright

Find out how I got on with my first experience on an E-foil by watching the görüntü above this article. Here’s a clue: I won’t be giving up my day job anytime soon.

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