Russia: Suspect found dead after three people killed in bus stop shooting

Russian authorities have found the body of the main suspect in Monday’s fatal bus shootings in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Three people were killed and three more wounded when a gunman opened fire at a bus stop in a village in central Russia.

Police initially reported that a young man had escaped the scene, launching a major manhunt and murder investigation.

Russia’s Investigative Committee reported on Tuesday that “the body of an 18-year-old man with signs of suicide was found in the village”.

Investigators believe the body to be that of the gunman, and say the man arrived in the village on Sunday to visit his grandmother before going hunting with his father.

The next morning, armed with firearms, “he fired shots at local residents for no reason,” authorities say.

Monday’s shootings took place in the village of Bolshiye Orly, around 400 kilometres east of the capital city, Moscow.

Three men died and three women were hospitalised with gunshot wounds, according to the Investigative Committee.

Local officials said two of them were in an extremely grave condition, and that the suspect’s grandmother is among the injured.

The suspect’s motive has not been revealed by Russian authorities and a criminal investigation is ongoing.

A criminal investigation is underway, Russia’s Investigate Committee have said.

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