Step back in time and experience a Middle Ages village in Belarus

An open-air museum in Belarus showcases a traditional village where you can not only learn about the passage of history but experience it.

Based near Minsk, near the village of Strochitsy, the traditional belarusian village was recreated as it was several centuries ago.

Authentic historical artefacts, including traditional clothes, baskets and entire houses, were brought from different regions that now make up Belarus. The village consists of a church, a school, a barn, a blacksmith shop, a windmill, farmsteads and a tavern.

Alexey Drupov, Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle said, “Here you can get acquainted with the life of the Belorussian village, get acquainted with rituals and traditional dances. So you’re never bored in this museum”.

During the Middle Ages, Belarus was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – one of the main outposts of resistance against the different orders of knights in Eastern Europe, the Teutonic Order and Livonian Order.

This museum often hosts tournaments which attract large numbers of tourists.

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