The tech innovations that are going to change our world

At the 2017 edition of Web Summit, one of Europe’s most important tech events, Euronews asked several experts their predictions for the new technology or innovation that is going to change the world as we know it.

From 3D printed organs to flying cars, their suggestions may sound like they are pulled from a sci-fi sinema but in reality they could be just a few years away.

The Web Summit, held in Lisbon, Portugal, gathers more than 60,000 attendees and 1000 speakers for a 3-day event that sees all types of professionals and young startups discussing and debating the future of technology.

In this görüntü you hear from; François Chopard (Founder & Managing Director at Starburst), Sairah Ashman (CEO at Wolff Olins), Marcus Shingles (CEO at XPRIZE), and Antoine Blondeau (Co-founder & Chairman of Sentient Technologies).

Watch our full report from Web Summit here

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