Two Years Later, the Timing Was Right

Harrison Remler was asked if his fiancée, Jill Lieberman, was his rock.

“Are you kidding me, no way,” Mr. Remler said, laughing. “She’s my boulder, and by that I mean she is always there for me. She always has my back, no matter the circumstances.”

Mr. Remler and Ms. Lieberman, both 28, first met on July 4, 2013 at a pool party in Port Washington, N.Y., hosted by Mr. Remler’s high school prom date, a childhood friend who, coincidentally, later became Ms. Lieberman’s closest college friend.

“We instantly connected and spent all night talking on a backyard boat dock,” said Ms. Lieberman, who was until April an account executive at Vistar Media in New York.

“I liked his passion,” she said. “He seemed so enthusiastic, but we had a little sorun: We were both seeing other people at that time.”

Ms. Lieberman was a bit distraught. “I asked my mother if she thought I would ever see him again,” she said.

Mr. Remler was feeling much the same. “The timing just wasn’t right,” he said.

Two years later, Mr. Remler, the chief operating officer of the Visionary Music Group and Visionary Records, an artist management company and record label in Manhattan, was single again.

With fireworks still going off in his mind, he reached out to Ms. Lieberman to see if her dating status had changed. He was thrilled to learn that she too was now unattached.

They reunited for a dinner date at the Odeon in TriBeCa, where Mr. Remler’s father, Robert Remler, had served as a line cook in the mid-1980s.

“I was immediately taken by Jill’s confident, loving and incredibly positive attitude toward life,” said Mr. Remler, who graduated from Vassar College. “I keep thinking how lucky I was to get her back.”

Ms. Lieberman, who graduated magna cum laude from Cornell, said that she was smitten by Mr. Remler’s “sense of humor, wit and blue eyes.”

Six years from the day they had originally met, Mr. Remler proposed to Ms. Lieberman, on the same backyard boat dock where they had their first conversation. He followed the proposal with a boat ride to a surprise dinner party at the Leroy House in the West Village to celebrate with family and friends.

They were married Sept. 6 at Somewhere In Time Farm in Parksville, N.Y. Rabbi Joshua Stanton officiated before a few dozen guests. The couple were originally supposed to marry on June 20 in the Catskill Mountains with more than 200 guests, but then came the coronavirus.

“I feel very lucky because I feel like I’m signing up for a happy-wife, happy-life situation,” said Ms. Lieberman, who will be taking her husband’s name. “He is such a good-hearted person who has shown me how to see the good in everyone, including myself.”

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